Fénidecht – Of injury and fatness…

A year ago I was injured during Krav Maga.  They call it tendinopthy but most people just call it ‘tennis elbow’, it was coupled with an actual tear in the tendon.  This resulted in pain and constant demotivation to do anything.  Even Zombies, Run! lost its shine.

I went to the doctor immediately after it happened but she didn’t make a diagnosis nor did she send me referrals.  She just said take some Motrin and let her know if it gets worse.  So I changed doctors.  By March I saw my new doctor and she immediately refereed me to an orthopedic doc and sent me for an MRI.  The ortho doc made the diagnosis and sent me to an occupational therapist with a hand and arm specialty.  Best thing ever.

Now a year later my elbow is fully healed and I know stretches to keep it from happening again.  The problem is, I have done nothing to maintain my weight loss in that year and am back up to about 10 pounds under where I started, but 15 higher than where I was when I got injured.  Even with running, it is too infrequent for weight loss, even though I am consistently hitting 5k in 45 minutes…nothing impressive mind you but better than last year.

The point of this brief post is to tell everyone that you can’t allow injury to reverse everything you have worked to accomplish.  I grant you that there are instances in which you simply can’t do anything but if you can move, you can exercise SOMETHING.  What could I have done with a busted elbow?  I could have run more and done just about anything with the core.

Today – I started over.  Did some cardio, some core, and the heavy bag. After 30 minutes I walked away with wobbly legs and a sore shoulder.  But it felt good to be doing something again.  Now to get back to my Krav Maga classes.

Don’t be a fool like me.  Don’t give up.

3 thoughts on “Fénidecht – Of injury and fatness…

  1. Recently discovered your site and really enjoy the reading. Thanks for sharing all of this. Six years ago I was 260#s, smoked a pack a day & ate fast food about 70% of my meals. Had a heart attack at 34 (huge surprise right?) and followed that with having my sternum cracked for open heart surgery. Now, past 40 but in the best shape of my life. I can barely remember who I was before… My 5K is at 32 mins I weigh 195, press 160# and curl 80#. I had knee surgery last December and my second heart attack last March. Set backs suck, I've had enough of them to consider myself an expert. Slowing down is expected sometimes, slipping is understandable, giving up is never an option. Strength isn't about avoiding the hit, its about what you do when you get hit. You aren't a fool, you are a student like the rest of us. Turn into the wind and keep moving; you're not quite dead yet. 😉

    btw, love Zombies, Run!

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