OPED – Dissolution of Five Rivers Protogrove, ADF

Yesterday I announced on Facebook that my ADF grove is dissolving.  Specifically, as of January 31, 2017 the ADF Protogrove called Five Rivers is dissolving.   I am also allowing my membership in ADF to lapse for reasons that are not earth shattering nor  to be made public.  Sometimes, relationships just don’t work.

While many people are saddened by this announcement, I feel this is going to be a positive change.  You see by not leading a grove, I can refocus my energy on my real work.  The worship of Manannan, Fionn, and Brigit Ambue, working on bringing light to the plight of the warrior in today’s society, and expanding on the practices of Gentlidecht na gCuanaigh.  Further, I am hoping that without the worries of the grove, I will again become inspired to finish several articles, and even a book, all that have been in draft for well over a year.

Five Rivers as a congregation may be closed, but the rivers have not stopped flowing.  Blessed are we to be inspired by the rivers that flow from the Connla’s Well,  Boyne, Shannon,  Nore, Barrow, and Slaney, and our own sacred rivers; Potomac, Patapsco, Susquehanna, Gunpowder, and Patuxent.  

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