New Grange at Winter Solstice – 2014

The neolithic Irish people held Winter Solstice in high regard and while we have on idea what they did or why – we know it was important because of this:

This is an image of New Grange at Winter Solstice.

You can learn more about Solstice 2014 and buy some of the best photos of the illuminated passage her – New Grange 2104.

Have a happy holiday season no matter your faith.

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A Féinnid Training Program – A Link

Preparedness for anything is a key feature of the modern féinnid, and to be prepared you have to train.  Working with the ADF training material with additional material specific to the féinnid, I have put together a training program for a proposed Order within ADF.  While this Order is being discussed by the leadership I can’t share the training material but with a select few who have influenced its development.  However being a blog about being a féinnid, I think it important to share training material with the readers and I have just learned that another féinnid has just posted her training outline.

I invite my readers to head over to the website Shadow of the Hooded Crow and check out the training program written by Saigh Kym Lambert, “Outlaw Warrior Path Training“.  If you do like her work let her know, make a donation, and please respect her intellectual property.