Reading List

The following is a list of resources that speak to various aspects of  Fénidecht. Some of the resources only have a paragraph or two on the topic while others are key to understanding the outlaw warrior in general and the Fiana specifically.  

Duanaire Finn: The Book of the Lays of Fionn Part II. (1933). (G. Murphey, Trans.) London: Irish Texts
Gershenson, D. E. (1991). Apollo the Wolf God. Washington, DC: Institute for the Study of Man.
Gregory, L. (1998). Irish Myths and Legends.
Philadelphia: Courage Books.
Keating, G. (1857). The History of Ireland from the
Earliest Period Through the English Invasion.
(J. O’Mahony, Trans.) New
York: P.M. Haverty.
Laurie, E. R. (2007, December 20). Geiltadecht.
Lincoln, B. (1991). Death, War and Sacrfice.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Lupus, P. S. (2011, February 1). The Hidden Imbolc
MacKillop, J. (1986). Fionn mac Cumhaill:Celtic
Myth in English Literature.
Syracuse: Syracuse University Press.
McCone, K. (1986). Werewolves, Cyclopes, Diberga, and
Fianna: Juvenile Delinquency in Early Ireland. Camrbidge Medieval Celtic
(Winter), 1-22.
McCone, K. (2012). The Celtic and Indo-European
Origins of the Fian. In S. J. Arbuthnot, & G. Parsons (Eds.), The Gaelic
Finn Tradition
(pp. 14-73). Dublin: Four Courts Press.
Meyer, K. (1993). Fianaigecht. Dublin: Dublin
Institute for Advanced Studies.
Miller, D. A. (2000). The Epic Hero. Baltimore:
Johns Hopkins University Press.
Nagy, J. F. (1981, May). Shamanic Aspects of the
“Bruidhean” Tale. History of Religions, 20(4), 302-322.
Nagy, J. F. (1985). The Wisdom of the Outlaw: The
Boyhood Deeds of Finn in the Gaelic Narrative Tradition.
London: University
of California Press.
Nagy, J. F. (1986/1987). Fenian Heroes and Their Rites
of Passage. Béaloideas, 161-182.
Scott, R. D. (1930). Thumb of Knowledge in the
Legends of Finn, Sigurd and Taliesin.
New York: Institute of French
Sjoestedt, M.-L. (1949). Gods and Heros of the
(M. Dillon, Trans.) London: Methuen & Co. Ltd.
The Tales of the Elders of Ireland: A new Translation
of the Acallam na Senorach.
(A. Dooley, & H. Roe, Trans.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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