Plans for writing…

The plan for all my articles is to publish them in  print media followed by digital media.  The space between the two publications will be based on the publication agreements with the print media.  So far I have 4 articles in process with 2 more that I would like to write:

Fénidecht – The outlaw warrior in modern times.
Why Gentlidecht – An argument for calling myself  a practitioner of Gentlidecht. or a gent.
Gentlidecht– A detailed explanation of what Gentlidecht is…
Finn the Wolf/Stag/Hunting god – a re-write of an older article entitled ” Fionn mac Cumhal: The Stag/Hunting God of Ireland”

Two other topics are:

Weapons in the Sanctuary – a presentation of historical rules for weapons in holy sanctuaries in IE cultures.
Outsiders – a presentation of the outsider in the 21st century via interviews with self-identified Outsiders.

Fénidecht will be the first article completed, its publication will be in the Spring edition of  “Oak Leaves” the members magazine from Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF).  Once it comes out in print I will publish it here in my blog and up on a more permanent website yet to be designed. 

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